major histocompatibility complex, class II, DM alpha OKDB#: 3690
 Symbols: SMARCA3 Species: rabbit
 Synonyms: HLA-DMA,RUSH  Locus: 12 in Homo sapiens

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General Comment Steroid dependent alternative splicing mechanism produces progesterone-dependent (alpha) isoform and truncated, estrogen-dependent (beta) isoform Hayward-lester et al (1996) Mol Endocrinol 10:1335-1349
General function DNA binding, Transcription factor
Cellular localization Nuclear
Ovarian function Follicle development
Comment Expressed in presumptive granulosa cells of embryonic and neonatal ovaries before follicle organization. Rendon et al. (2000) Biol Reprod 63, 156-164.
Expression regulated by Steroids, prolactin
Comment regulated by progesterone via an overlaping progesterone receptor half-site overlapping a Y-box in the proximal promoter (-162/+90) Hewetson & Chilton (2003) JBC 278:40177-40185
Ovarian localization Granulosa, Theca
Comment Abundant message was detected in granulosa and theca cells surrounding preantral follicles of prepubertal and adult ovaries.
Follicle stages Primordial, Primary, Secondary, Antral, Preovulatory
Comment Expression remained high in granulosa cells of antral follicles in mature ovaries but was negligible in late-stage atretic follicles and corpora lutea.
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