Ligand, Growth factor Insulin-like Growth Factor Ii OKDB#: 864
Symbols: IGF2 Species: human
Synonyms: SOMATOMEDIN A| IGF-II OVERGROWTH SYNDROME, INCLUDED| Ovarian localization: Granulosa, Theca, Luteal cells
Is involved in interactions with:

IGF2R, insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor OKdb  (Ovarian localization: Granulosa Theca)
Comments: A single receptor binds both insulin-like growth factor II and mannose-6-phosphate Science. 1988 et al . Laureys G, et al. (Genomics. 1988) cloned the IGF2 receptor and showed it to be identical to the cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor (CIM6PR).

INSR, Insulin receptor precursor OKdb  (Ovarian localization: Oocyte Granulosa Theca Luteal)
Comments: Growth-promoting interaction of IGF-II with the insulin receptor during mouse embryonic development. Dev Biol. 1997 .

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